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The growth of the personal improvement training field has grown by monumental proportions over the past decade. The fastest growing and most popular segments of this field are personal presentation, business and social etiquette and international protocol training. ISPEP provides the most comprehensive search engine to find professionals in these areas.  If you are seeking a trainer or consultant anywhere in the world, your first stop should be here.

Are You a Professional Consultant or Trainer?

    • ISPEP provides the only exam-based certification program in the world.  There are two certifications – Certified Protocol Professional (CPP®) and the Certified Etiquette Professional (CEP®). To be recognized worldwide as a high-level professional, candidates must pass a rigorous exam and credential screening.  Please visit the certification pages to learn about the requirements for taking the exam and how to register for it.
  • Why take the CPP® exam? Offices of Protocol around the world prefer to hire CPPs because they are exam-proven candidates with a high knowledge level. Credentials must be updated every three years to maintain current status.  While other organizations offer portfolio based credentialing programs, the ISPEP CPP®s and CEP®s offer proven ability of respectable work in the profession, agreement to a standard of practice, and actual high level knowledge of what they are teaching and doing.  ISPEP believes that a certification in the field of etiquette and protocol should have the same clout and respectability as certification in medical, financial, and administrative professions.
  • Additional services offered by ISPEP for professionals include continuing education programs, such as Well-Mannered Weekends®, e-learning webinars, teleseminars, marketing programs, and opportunities to network.
  • ISPEP has positioned itself as the global authority for organizations to find qualified and dedicated professionals who can offer expertise in these subjects.