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  • Broadcast your expertise and credentials to organizations globally
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My presence on the ISPEP website has brought increased exposure to my expertise and several new contracts. I believe that any etiquette or protocol expert who wants to represent themselves as professional and interested in top level business should subscribe as a Member. ISPEP and Cynthia Lett, Executive Director, do more to promote the etiquette training industry than anyone I know. All etiquette and protocol experts can benefit from her contacts and exposure of ISPEP to the media and to businesses.”- Robert W. Frye CPP,CMP (International Business Protocol, LLC.)

Robert W. Frye, CPP

From the desk of Cynthia W. Lett, CPP, CEP, CTP
International Society of Protocol & Etiquette Professionals Director

Dear Etiquette & Protocol Professional,

I don’t have to tell you how strong and growing the competition in our market can be. Touting a polished website or brochure, sparkling to a “T” with your expertise and recommendations doesn’t necessarily guarantee anyone will take the time to read it.

Bottom line – in order to succeed in today’s market, you must publicize your expertise 24/7 just to keep yourself in front of potential clients.

That’s not all, though.

See, even though you may be “certified”, have the highest respect among your colleagues, and hold yourself to impeccable industry standards, you’re still, at the end of the day, responsible for marketing yourself. And that monumental task of getting your name out there can easily take hours every single day.

Self-promotion not only requires time, but hundreds, even thousands of dollars in advertising and publicity. You don’t just set up a Facebook and Linked-in Accounts and a website and expect anyone to actually find you. The process is far more complex than that.

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Let’s take a look at some of the basics necessary to begin and maintain a web presence.

  •    Your own professionally designed website
  •    A hosting account and training in how to set up your site through C-Panel
  •    Training in Search Engine Optimization so you can drive traffic to your site
  •    Continual updating of web content for the Search Engines
  •    Writing and distributing professional Press Releases

Quite frankly, publicity is a full-time job, and that’s where ISPEP excels.

The press and top organizations know ISPEP personally. They search our site the second they need an expert with whom to do business. Television stations, magazines, newspapers and corporations call me directly to find the top experts in the business. (Groups like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC,, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Newsweek, Entrepreneur, NATCAP, MC, Business Finance and ABC News -to name a few)

I’m Cynthia Lett, CPP, CEP, CTP and Director of the International Society of Protocol & Etiquette Professionals. Every day organizations depend on us to showcase the top talent in the Etiquette & Protocol field.

Mediocre talent abounds. Corporations refuse to waste time surfing through countless websites, trying to find the jewel in the haystack. ISPEP saves organizations hundreds of hours of searching. Directors come directly to ISPEP to thumb through an accomplished rolodex of top talent. And we have an amazing referral rate. They call us because we deliver the best.

That’s where you come in.

Allow me to share the power and leverage behind a simple referral. Imagine this scenario…

…Joseph, a high school basketball player, has his eye on three top colleges. He could showcase his skills on his own professionally designed website. He could set up profiles in the top twenty-five social networks and set up his own YouTube channel. But Joe wouldn’t get one-miniscule-fraction of the attention he’d garner if a respected player like Michael Jordan pointed his way.

Suddenly Joseph is catapulted past all the setup and publicity. Someone at the top referred him.

See, just one recommendation from a respected expert beats thousands of dollars of advertising –hands down. That kind of referral is priceless.

And that’s where we come in.
Since 2002, The International Society of Protocol & Etiquette Professional has administered the only internationally recognized exam-based certification program in the world. [Certified Protocol Professional (CPP®) and the Certified Etiquette Professional (CEP®)].

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When organizations scout out the best trainers and experts in the field, they look at ISPEP first.

By allowing us to showcase your talents, experience and expertise, you’ll have the coveted fingertip of respect pointing directly at you.

Another benefit of joining ISPEP is that we work on your behalf to market you and our site as well.


Become a Member, and you’ll have…

  • Your Own professionally designed webpage hosted on
  • Training in Search Engine Optimization so you can drive traffic to your site
  • Continually updating web content for the Search Engines
  • Assistance with creating and distributing professional Press Releases.


Here’s why showcasing your talents and expertise is such a challenge.

  1. Time is more important than money. Organizations aren’t going to spend hours online searching for you. They target clearing houses for the “best of the best” to save hours of research. (i.e. ISPEP)
  1. Even if you have a high-ranking website of your own, that doesn’t mean anyone is searching for your particular key terms. Being #1 on Google for a particular search term benefits you little if no one ever types in that phrase!
  1. Hundreds of other Protocol and Etiquette professionals vie for the top jobs, often shoving you out of view.
  1. Getting and keeping your credentials and expertise in front of the organizations who want to hire you is, in and of itself, a 40-60 hour a week job. (writing articles, press releases, blogging, linking, working on Search Engine Optimization…)
  1. The second you stop promoting yourself and take a job, your strategic positioning suffers.


So, if attracting the organizations who want to hire you is so hard, what can you do? The answer is simple…

Introducing… ISPEP Membership

Finally! There’s a highly respected success nucleus (ISPEP) where you’re showcased among the most talented in the Protocol and Etiquette industry. Now you can piggyback off our reputation and renown for the highest quality referrals by adding your name to the exclusive International Society of Protocol and Etiquette Professionals directory.

In fact, Offices of Protocol around the world have confided that they want to hire our people because they are assured of a high knowledge level and stellar qualifications. They already look to us for the best.

Positioning yourself in ISPEP’s lucrative showcase guarantees that you have the cutting edge over professionals who aren’t listed.

ISPEP is all about showcasing your qualifications and helping to get you hired – period. Highlighting the most experienced and talented protocol experts is what we’re known for.


Benefits of an ISPEP Membership

  • First, ISPEP allows you to reach a global audience to whom you may never have been presented.
  • Your ISPEP membership offers you the opportunity to position yourself among the highest ranked professionals. This association with top names in the business provides you with an immediate level of respect from potential buyers.
  • You’re positioned not only to gain more business, but to gain more access to others in the same business for joint ventures and referrals.
  • You’re promoted by our dual publicity efforts. We’re constantly advertising our site to the very directors and organizers who want to hire you. Then we also write a press release about you (submitted globally) to announce our association
  • You receive your own webpage within our site, which you can customize even with your own sales copy if you like. (We’ve made the process very simple, so there’s no need to learn any coding.
  • ISPEP maintains a professional blog, allowing us to feature you as the Guest Expert. This addition allows others to see your expertise and gives you an edge on being “discovered”.
  • Your ISPEP membership allows you to maintain an expert presence that can be linked to your other sites, testimonials and social networking across the Internet.
  • Coming soon… bi-annual conference for the chance to meet face to face, establish personal relationships and learn from each other.


Let’s face it. You could be spending 90% of your time promoting yourself, or you could let us take care of sharing your expertise with the world at a fraction of the cost you’d pay an average publicist.

No more stressing over…how many articles or press releases you should write each week, no more investing in expensive search engine software, no more spinning around in circles trying to get your name out.

And when you for a membership to ISPEP, you’re not just “a face in a mix of others”. Let me be very clear. We get to know your profile. In fact, our reputation rests on it!

When CNN calls and asks for an expert in a certain area, We’re not going to say, “Well, we’ve got a great database. Have at it!”

We’re going to tell them about you. Your name, your expertise, your credentials. As Director of ISPEP, I make it my priority to refer the best.

And rest assured, you’re never charged extra finders fees for jobs for which you’re hired. All you pay is the low annual membership fee, and nothing more.

You can secure your position as an ISPEP Associate in one of two ways.


We offer our Members:

  •    Your association with ISPEP
  •    A webpage where you can update your profile with your picture, credentials, and location so our visitors can find you.


Why invest in a Membership in ISPEP?

Some trainers live in areas with immediate access to corporations who want to hire them. These Protocol and Etiquette Professionals often with ISPEP in order to showcase that association directly on their resumes.

You will receive…

  •  A complete web page presence and hosting (Customization to add your own sales copy if you desire)
  •  Flexibility so you can link to Facebook, LinkedIn, and other web presences you might have
  •  “Done for you” search engine optimization (the authority links from our site give your other websites a unique push up the search engine ladder)
  • Additional Marketing done for you as you request.


How much is the investment for the ISPEP association? For a limited time: ONLY $227 for your first year!

Now, let me be clear about our mission. In order to main our stellar reputation, ISPEP must be careful about the clients we recommend. We do reserve the right to decline any application and refund the purchase if we feel that your qualifications do not meet certain standards.

You really can position yourself for the top jobs in your area even if you don’t have your own website, even if you have never written your own marketing material.

Isn’t it time you focused your efforts on accepting contracts instead of trying to advertise and compete for visibility? Place yourself in the strategic position of having corporations come looking for you.


To secure your position in ISPEP’s Membership, simply:

  • Click the button
  • You’ll arrive at an order page.
  • You will pay with a credit card through our secure payment system.
  • You’ll receive immediate instructions on how to set up your webpage


I look forward to promoting your expertise on a global level!

Cynthia W. Lett CPP, CEP, CTP
Executive Director, International Society of Protocol & Etiquette Professionals


P.S. The press runs to our doors the second they need an expert in their area with whom to do business. Television stations and directors call me personally to find the top experts in the business. Remember, if you’re not on the list, we can’t tell them about you!

P.P.S. By joining ISPEP, you’ll increase your exposure worldwide – literally overnight!

P.P.P.S. Spend your time accepting contracts instead of working incessantly, trying to advertise and compete for visibility. Let us highlight your talents and expertise to corporations worldwide!


ISPEP, reserves the right to decline any application and refund the purchase if we feel that your qualifications do not meet certain standards. We cannot guarantee that you will be hired for any position based on your association with ISPEP.

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